Migrating from Exportools Standard to Exportools Professional

Here are the recommended settings for Exportools Professional, when you are switching from Exportools Standard:

– Select the format  you wish to export under Task on the right sidebar of Exportools Professional.

– Select the InDesign/QuarkXPress application you are currently using and from which you want to export documents. Click on the 3 vertical dots next to InDesign App/QuarkXPress App on the right sidebar of Exportools Professional. For this example, we will choose Adobe InDesign 2024.

– Click the Select button to choose the application (navigate to the location of the InDesign/QuarkXPress on you hard drive).

– If you are exporting to PDF, PostScript or directly to printer, select the appropriate PDF or Printer  preset/style on this same popover.

– Open the document in InDesign/QuarkXPress you want to export.

– Open Exportools Professional, and select Open Documents as the source list. Here you should see the document you previously opened.

– Under Pages, select the pages or spreads you wish to export, and:

       • Turn Create Separate Files for Each Page ON to create a separate file for each page/spread of each document.

       • Turn Create Separate Files for Each Page OFF to create a multi-page export file for each document.

– Define other settings as with Exportools Standard: File Naming, and Export Folder (Destination Folder in Exportools Standard).

– See the Exportools Professional User’s Guide (top-right of window, Settings > User’s Guide) to learn more about Exportools Professional features, or contact us.

Under InDesign App or QuarkXPress App select the application you will be using, and the appropriate PDF or Printer preset/style (if applicable).

For this example, we are using Adobe InDesign 2024:

Most features of Exportools Standard are present in the latest versions of Exportools Professional, and some will be added upon request.

If you find a feature of Exportools Standard that is not present in Exportools Professional, please contact us

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