Exportools Standard


For Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress

Export Documents as Single Pages to PDF, PS, EPS, or Image Files. Export Selections, Extract Text, and Split Documents.

Optimized for Apple Silicon and macOS Ventura.

macOS Ventura

Exportools Standard 2023 features breathtaking performance on Mac computers with the M1 and M2 chips, and it’s fully compatible with macOS 13 Ventura.

Export Pages as Separate Files.

One File for Each Page or Spread

Groups of Pages or Spreads

Selection of Items

Export each page or spread of your document as a separate file. Select all pages, even pages, odd pages, single page sequence, or any custom page range.

Group pages and export them as multi-page files. For example, you can export all pages as one group, even pages as one group, or groups of 5 pages each, starting on page 3.

Select items in your document and then export them to the desired format. Specify a margin bleed to include an area around the selection.

Multiple Export Formats.

Exportools Standard allows you to export to several popular formats, including: PDF, PostScript, EPS, Rich Text Format, Microsoft Word, ePub, JPEG, PNG. You can also split documents, saving them as smaller documents or templates.

Automatic File Naming.

Smart, Intuitive, and Powerful File Naming Templates.

Exportools Standard comes with a smart name composition engine to guarantee that each exported file has a different name, and that it can easily be recognized. It allows you to select a variety of placeholders, such as page, time stamp, or serial numbers, that change automatically to uniquely name each exported file.

You can use 1 to 9 file name components, and for each one, select any of these 10 placeholders: Document Name, Page Sequence, Page Section, Serial Number, Today’s Date, Current Time, User Name, Destination Folder, Export File Extension, or any Custom Text.

Split Documents into Smaller Documents.

Exportools Standard for InDesign and QuarkXPress allows you to split and save documents into any number of pages or spreads, while retaining all the appropriate formatting, applied styles, preferences, and layout of the original document.

Better yet, you can split the document into groups. For example, you can split the document in groups of 4 pages each, starting on page 2.

Exportools Standard also allows you to collect into separate subfolders all the image links that belong to each corresponding page, spread, group, or selection.

Pages 1–3


Pages 4–6


Original Document

Pages 7–9


Detailed Logging and Tracking.

Exportools Standard makes it easy to keep track of the exported files by reporting in real time which files are being exported, their exact name, size, location and preview, plus any errors or warnings that may occur during the output process.

You can also open each of the exported files with any post-processing application you choose. For example, select Adobe Acrobat Pro to open the saved PDF files all at once; or have Microsoft Word open the pages you just exported as text.

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