Exportools Standard

For Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress

Starting with version 2024, Exportools Standard is being discontinued,
and will be replaced with Exportools Professional.

If you purchased Exportools Standard 2023 or older in the past,
you can request a one-time cross-grade to Exportools Professional 2024,
at the same cost of a regular Exportools Standard upgrade ($34.99 per license).

Please fill out this form to request your cross-grade:

Please allow up to 24 hours for an email response.

Most features of Exportools Standard are present in the latest versions of Exportools Professional, and some will be added upon request.

See this guide: Migrating from Exportools Standard to Exportools Professional.

If you find a feature of Exportools Standard that is not present in Exportools Professional, please contact us

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