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Exportools Standard 2018 for InDesign CC 2018
Exportools Standard for QuarkXPress 2017

What’s New In Version 2018 (8.0.0)
Released October 31, 2017
• New version for Adobe InDesign CC 2018.
• Previews for current InDesign document and
exported InDesign files.
• New option to keep page numbering when exporting
as InDesign documents or templates.
• New preference to extract InDesign previews.
• Opening InDesign documents from Exportools Standard no longer
switches to InDesign or displays messages.
• Updated code to improve compatibility and stability
with macOS High Sierra.
• Improved menu plug-in installer
• Several other fixes and improvements.

What’s New In Version 7.0.0
Released August 1, 2017
• New version for QuarkXPress 2017.
• Export log window is now integrated with main window.
• QuickLook preview of exported files.
• File path, and contextual menu added for exported files.
• Updated user interface.
• Several other fixes and improvements.